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The Association

Our mission is to spread and promote the Aviation Spirit and Culture, nationally and internationally.

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, TCA is a juridically created organisation under Tunisian law, serving as a legal body for Tunis Carthage VA


We are a group of aviation lovers, from real life pilots & ATCO to simple enthusiasts.

Become a member

We are currently accepting GA applications. Apply and be part of shaping this wonderful adventure's future.

Our Partners & Sponsors

We exist thanks to our loyal partners and sponsors, who strongly believe in our commitment toward our mission.

Our Activities


We are always doing our best in researching, investigating the proper resources and providing our members with the most accurate and up-to-date materials

Group-Flights and Events

TCA NPO owns and manages a 100-member Virtual Airline (VA) called Tunis Carthage VA in which we organise regular online events in partnership with

International Virtual Aviation Organization™

Build Up The Spirit

We are engaged in building and maintaining a sustainable aeronautical culture within our members.


Most of our online events are held in strong partnership with IVAO™, which kindly provides us with its powerful international network of Pilots and ATC on which our VA operates. Nevertheless, that does not immune us from facing logistical and technical challenges.

Innauguration Executive Flight Event

1 Year Anniversary Celebration

TCA Server Overload

Carthage-Istanbul Group Flight

Reception of Tunisair's new Airbus A330

Monastir AirRace 1 Final


Our news, articles, events and meeting minutes will be updated on our Blog, dedicated for both insiders and outsiders.



Being part of the aviation domain, we deal with many stakeholders of our Association.
Here's some of what they say!

Former TCA Boeing Chief Pilot

I had the chance to be part of TCA managing team for a couple of months and I can affirm that it was a successful experience mixed with work and valuable friendship. I've assisted and contributed to the first steps progress of this valuable company, our vision was how to make simulation a real sensation, how can pilots when reporting feel real duty timing by self biding, committing on minimum flying hours to efficiently contribute to the company success. We had many brainstormings, meetings, gave a lot and shared a lot. TCA success is not a sudden fact but a fruit of generous effort, being successful is a destiny, being excellent is an approach, is TCA team determination. I left this experience due to personal reasons, with positive note and certitude. A certitude that TCA will make the difference make it count! Guys, you are excellent, just keep it up. TCA, when the simulations exceeds reality sensations!

TCA President | Google™ Student Ambassador MENA

TCA has been a wonderful experience, built from scratch thanks to boundless effort of its founders, mainly Hasseine, Skander and Sadok. We will keep doing our best to offer our members the most realistic, powerful and homely environment.

TAV Airports Safety Inspector | IVAO Tunisia Member

Since officially launched, TCA has been almost the unique active VA in Tunisia, the number of events and the growing number of adherents is the best proof of the enormous effort the TCA staff is performing. Needless to say, that whenever I connect to IVAN, I would hear or see TCA callsign flying somewhere around the globe.
Guys, I don’t believe you’ve won much respect, but instead have earned it. Just keep the spirit high.



AD7, Avenue Ere Nouvelle. Ennasr 2 - 2037 Tunis, Tunisia